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Our aim is to educate and empower, so you can make the most informed nutrition and lifestyle choices.


With solid evidence-based scientific research guiding our work, we pride ourselves in staying up-to-date with advancements in the field of nutrition.

We provide easy-to-follow, clear plans that take the guesswork out of the picture so that you can focus on the areas of your life that have taken a back seat.

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Anna Farren

Skin and gut expert

I want to share my knowledge and empower you to find solutions to your health challenges while managing the demands of modern life.

Having spent many years in the corporate world, I understand the pressures and stresses that come with that lifestyle. After re-training, I now specialise in helping individuals with chronic skin disorders and digestive issues. 

My journey into the world of nutrition and health started with personal struggles that consumed my 20s. For years I battled with severe eczema and IBS, leading to countless doctor visits that unfortunately provided no lasting solutions. It was a very frustrating and uncertain time with relentless cycles of flare-ups. 

Despite these challenges I was determined to find a more sustainable approach to take control of my health. Through significant dietary and lifestyle changes, I managed to regain control and heal my skin and gut.

Bethany Hughes

Metabolic health and nervous system expert

I am passionate about how what we eat influences our mood and mental wellbeing. 


The emotional responses to our physical environments underpin the biochemical pathways in our body that either support or undermine our ability to function. By changing our diet we can control our mood, motivation, sleep quality and predisposition to chronic diseases such as Parkinsons and cancer.

I am a registered Nutritional Therapist with a background in biochemistry and genetics, followed by 17 years working as a chef for private clients and top London restaurants. I am fascinated by dysfunction of the nervous system, focusing on conditions ranging from mental health issues, anxiety, depression to migraines, weight issues and stress-induced chronic conditions such as IBS and back pain.

I take a holistic approach to nutritional therapy, addressing stress, quality of life and mental health in equal measure to the nutrition we get from food.

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Image by Nathan Dumlao

Together we understand how deeply rooted the effects of our environment can be, in particular stress, and its impact on our entire system.


As registered Nutritional Therapists, we offer a tailored and personalised approach to health, with the focus on discovering the root cause of our client’s health concerns. We adopt both a naturopathic and functional medicine approach, utilising the latest research whilst respecting the body as a whole.  

Image by Debora Cardenas
Image by Irene Kredenets

Changing your food can change your life

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Good health starts in the gut. 


Our digestive system forms the basis of our immune system, it regulates our mood, and it crucially makes sure we can digest and absorb all the vital nutrients from food that we need to survive. 

We are so much more that what we eat: we are what we can digest. 

Given the right environment our body is capable of healing itself.

Nutritional therapy is the study of diet, lifestyle, genetics, and medical history to tailor make the right environment for our bodies to thrive.


We work with the most in depth functional testing and therapeutic grade supplements to find and target specific areas of dysfunction in your system, bringing your body back to health. 

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