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You are not just a list of symptoms; you are a unique individual with your own story

Our in-depth consultations help us understand you as a person and how your symptoms started, enabling us to get to the bottom of what's going on. 

Understanding and addressing the underlying root cause of disease is the key to sustainable health. 

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What's the process?


Complimentary call

20 mins

We'll discuss your symptoms and goals to understand how we can help you



Initial Consultation

1 hour

An in-depth consultation where we gather information to review and assess your health and nutritional status. We will review your symptoms, health concerns, personal and family medical history to gain a complete understanding of how your systems are functioning.


Delivery of your detailed

naturopathic nutrition and lifestyle plan

Within 5 days of your initial consultation, a 20 minute telephone call to talk you through your personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.


Functional Testing

Diagnostic tests to assess blood work, hormone levels, metabolites, cholesterol, genetic variants and nutrient deficiencies if necessary.


Follow up consultations

45 minutes

Additional consultations to discuss any available test results, review your symptoms and asses progress. 


Here we build on the existing protocol diving deeper into the root cause and develop more targeted approaches.


Treat the person not the symptom

guidance for clients
remedy nutrition clinic

360° approach

balance in your life


Root Cause Healing

comprehensive testing

Food as medicine



support with nutrition
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