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Personalise your diet and lifestyle according to your genetic blueprint.

Blueprint package £630

Ever wondered why you struggle with caffeine, or can't seem to fight off those winter blues? Maybe you're aware of a condition in your family history and want to know what you can do to prevent it.

Maybe you've accepted that you have a certain fate from your genetic make up.

But this doesn't have to be the case.

​We're born with a unique set of genes that sets the scene in life, but its the environment we live in that tells our story. Understanding the whole picture allows us to tailor make our lives allowing us the longest, healthiest lives we can imagine.

At The Remedy Clinic we're here to show you how.

We will analyse your DNA along with your diet and lifestyle to create the most bespoke nutrition plan possible. 

What's included: 

  • Full genetic testing for all major metabolic pathways assessing energy metabolism, methylation, sleep, hormone pathways, and repair mechanisms

  • 60 minute consultation to discuss your genetic makeup combined with diet, lifestyle and medical history analysis to create the optimum personalised plan for you

  • Full naturopathic nutrition and lifestyle plan with guidance on how to best support your genetic make up for life

  • 20% discount on recommended supplements

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